Tire Alignment, Rotation, and Balancing Services

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Your tires are the only part of your vehicle in constant contact with the road. Undoubtedly, they will wear unevenly. The amount of traction your tires have determines how quickly you can maneuver or stop to get out of dangerous situations. Keeping this part of your vehicle healthy keeps you and your passengers safe.

The tire alignment, rotation, and balancing services at BMW of Schererville are preventative maintenance steps to keep your tires better prepared to handle everyday wear and tear.

What are the benefits of a tire alignment?

A tire alignment keeps your car from veering left or right. It improves your car’s handling, fuel efficiency, and tire life. If you feel your vehicle pulling to one side of the road or the wheel is vibrating when accelerating, that’s your tires telling you they need our service team!

What’s a tire rotation?

For a tire rotation, our BMW certified technicians check all four of your tires thoroughly for wear and tear. After this inspection, the two front tires are switched with the two rear tires. This ensures even wear not only on the outside but also the inside, too.

How do I know I need tire balancing?

Balancing corrects uneven distribution of weight, possibly caused by uneven tire wear from losing a wheel or hitting a curb or pothole. This leads to having the tire become out of balance. You may also notice that your steering wheel, floorboard, or seat vibrates. These are signs that it’s time for tire balancing. Extend the lifespan of your tires and let our experts get to work!

The BMW of Schererville team can balance or align your tires during a tire rotation, after a flat repair, or as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance. Need new tires? Visit our online BMW tire store to find the right tires for your BMW model at the correct tire price.