Cooling System Flush Service

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A cooling system flush is one of the most important regular maintenance services for your vehicle. The high-performance engine found in your BMW generates a lot of heat. Ignoring routine maintenance for your engine means you will most likely deal with overheating and expensive damage, not to mention unexpected out-of-pocket repairs. If you need your coolant system serviced or are having trouble finding the source of a leak, BMW of Schererville has a full-service BMW shop with factory-trained and certified technicians ready to help you.

Why is a cooling system flush important?

The cooling system is responsible for absorbing heat from your engine and removing it through the radiator. This allows your BMW to remain at a safe temperature while operating at max power. However, over time, rust can build up within the coolant fluid, reducing its heat and flow. As the issue worsens, your car’s engine may be damaged by the excess heat and suffer irreparable damage. A regular cooling system flush prevents that!

What happens during a cooling system flush?

All the old fluid are drained, and all the pipes and parts are power-washed to remove any debris, rust, and contaminants that can reduce the cooling system’s performance. New coolant fluid is then pumped back into the system so that it can continue to regulate your BMW’s temperature.

Regularly flushing out your cooling system keeps your BMW operating safely and at its peak performance, so check your owner’s manual to see when you are due next or schedule an appointment today!