A mostly black image featuring a car's shifter and text that reads 'ECO PRO MODE.'

What is ECO PRO Mode?

All BMW models offer ECO PRO Mode as a standard option. ECO PRO automatically adjusts settings within your vehicle to make it more efficient. This driving mode helps your vehicle lower fuel consumption by up to 20%.

How does ECO PRO Mode work?

This setting modifies your engine’s throttle response and alters the settings in your climate control (plus any heated mirrors and seats) to ensure you’re not wasting too much energy. Altering the engine’s throttle response prevents overly aggressive driving, which burns extra fuel and wastes energy. This mode is the least aggressive/least performance-driven drive mode.

Black background dashboard of a BMW vehicle

How else is my BMW efficient?

The Efficient Dynamics suite of features may help improve your BMW’s efficiency:

  • Automatic Start/Stop: Whenever the car is stopped, the engine turns off, reducing emissions and lowering fuel consumption. A standard feature in all BMW models.
  • Brake Energy Regeneration: This feature takes the energy created when braking and converts it to electricity for your battery to charge. The engine works less than usual, reducing fuel consumption.
  • Common Rail Injection: Manages the fuel injection process to improve fuel efficiency and provide your BMW with extra power.
  • Electric Power Steering: Power steering only turns on when you turn. When you drive straight, you use less energy since the power steering system isn’t on. 
  • Optimum Shift Indicator: This feature in manual transmission vehicles tells you the best time to shift gears, helping reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%.

What are the other ECO MODE features?

You can choose a top speed for your vehicle; this optional setting can help reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency. The Route-ahead Assistant guides you as you drive, providing tips on when to slow down and improve your efficiency. The Coasting function cuts off engine power (in automatic vehicles) if you’re in drive gear with your foot off the gas pedal without braking. The car coasting without the engine running reduces emissions. When you press the gas or brake pedal, the engine reengages.

What other drive modes are available and when should I use them?

Comfort mode is the default mode in your BMW. This mode features looser steering and softer suspension to make your ride more comfortable. In Sport mode, your engine revs higher for more torque, steering is stiffer for better handling, and suspension may be firmer. In Sport mode, your engine and transmission are optimized for more performance/higher HP.