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BMW Frequently Asked Questions Part II

April 11th, 2023 by

Driving a BMW provides an unparalleled level of performance and luxury. As one of the most iconic brands on the road today, customers at BMW of Schererville discover that owning a BMW comes with questions about all aspects of driving their vehicle. From understanding how to take great care of their sports car to learning important details about service packages, let’s answer some frequently asked questions from those interested in owning or currently driving a BMW. With the help of our BMW dealership near you, you can make sure your BMW ownership experience is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible!

What is the difference between BMW’s xDrive and sDrive?

xDrive is BMW’s all-wheel-drive system, which delivers power to all four wheels to provide better traction and handling in a variety of driving conditions. The xDrive system constantly monitors the road surface and can automatically adjust the amount of power sent to each wheel to maximize grip and stability. xDrive is available on a wide range of BMW models, from the compact X1 SUV to the high-performance M5 sedan.

sDrive, on the other hand, is BMW’s rear-wheel-drive system, which delivers power to the rear wheels only. Rear-wheel drive is typically favored by driving enthusiasts for its more engaging driving experience, as it provides better balance and handling in sporty driving situations. sDrive is available on many BMW models, including the popular 3 Series sedan and 4 Series coupe.

In summary, xDrive is an all-wheel-drive system that provides better traction and handling in various driving conditions, while sDrive is a rear-wheel-drive system that provides a more engaging driving experience.

What is BMW’s iDrive system?

BMW’s iDrive system is a central infotainment system that allows drivers to control a wide range of vehicle settings and features using a single interface. The iDrive system typically includes a large touchscreen display, as well as a variety of physical buttons and controls on the center console and steering wheel.

Some of the features that can be controlled through the iDrive system include:

  • Navigation and GPS functions
  • Audio and entertainment systems
  • Climate control settings
  • Phone and messaging functions

The iDrive system also includes voice recognition technology, which allows drivers to control various functions using voice commands. Additionally, some BMW models feature gesture recognition technology, which allows drivers to control certain functions by making specific hand gestures in front of the iDrive display.

An image with the BMW X1 Sedan at the top, and the 3 Series below.
The BMW X1 uses xDrive, BMW’s all-wheel-drive system. The 3 Series sedan, on the other hand, uses sDrive, BMW’s rear-wheel-drive system which delivers power to the rear wheels only.
BMW's iDrive system is a central infotainment system. In a car in front of water.
BMW’s iDrive system is a central infotainment system, boasting a wide range of navigational and audio entertainment features.

What kind of financing services does BMW offer?

BMW of Schererville offers a range of financing services for customers looking to purchase or lease a BMW vehicle. Some of the financing options that our BMW dealer near you offers include:

  • BMW Financial Services: This is BMW’s in-house financing arm, which provides a range of financing and lease options for new and used BMW vehicles. BMW Financial Services offers competitive rates and flexible terms to help customers find a financing option that fits their budget and needs.
  • Retail Financing: This is a traditional financing option that allows customers to purchase a BMW vehicle and make payments over time. BMW Financial Services may offer special financing rates and incentives for qualified buyers, such as low or zero-interest financing for a limited time.
  • Lease Financing: This is an option for customers who want to drive a new BMW vehicle for a fixed period of time without owning it outright. Lease financing typically requires lower monthly payments than traditional financing but comes with mileage restrictions and other terms and conditions.
  • BMW Select: This is a financing option that allows customers to purchase a BMW vehicle with lower monthly payments and a final balloon payment at the end of the financing term. BMW Select may be a good option for customers who want to lower their monthly payments without committing to a long-term lease.

Overall, BMW of Schererville provides plenty of financing options to help customers buy or lease the ideal BMW.

What is the difference between BMW’s “M” series and regular models?

BMW’s “M” series models are high-performance versions of its regular models, designed for driving enthusiasts who want the ultimate driving experience. The “M” designation stands for “Motorsport,” and signifies a focus on performance and driving dynamics.

Some of the key differences between BMW’s “M” series models and its regular models may include:

  • Engine Performance: “M” series BMW models typically have more powerful engines than their regular counterparts. They may also feature upgraded suspension and braking systems, as well as other performance enhancements.
  • Design: “M” series BMWs often have more aggressive and sporty designs than regular models, with features like larger wheels, aerodynamic body kits, and specialized interior trim.
  • Handling: “M” series BMWs for sale are typically designed for superior handling and driving dynamics, with features like more responsive steering, stiffer suspension, and larger brakes.
  • Technology: “M” series BMW models may feature advanced technology and features, such as performance displays and driving mode selectors, to enhance the driving experience.

Overall, the “M” series BMW cars are designed for drivers who want a high-performance, track-ready vehicle that offers exceptional handling and thrilling driving dynamics. They often come with a higher price tag than regular models, due to their additional performance features and enhancements.

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