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BMW i5 FAQs Part II

June 30th, 2023 by
Welcome to BMW of Schererville, where innovation meets sophistication and luxury. Embark on an electrifying journey with us, where every turn reveals new dimensions of luxury and every mile echoes our commitment to sustainability. Discover the future of mobility today, right here at BMW of Schererville, with the astounding BMW i5.

Frequently asked questions about the BMW i5

Is the BMW i5 all wheel drive?

Experience the exhilaration of choice with the BMW i5’s electrifying powertrain configurations. You may select from either a streamlined, single-motor model with rear-wheel drive, or a dynamic, dual-motor variant boasting all-wheel drive.

The single-motor i5 eDrive40 brings a thrilling blend of power and grace to the road, with its compelling 335 horsepower and a robust 295 lb.-ft. of torque. Your drive is smooth, yet responsive, encapsulating the classic BMW experience in an electric car for sale.

For those seeking a surge of adrenaline, the i5 M60 xDrive with all-wheel drive is a testament to BMW’s prowess in advanced engineering. With a dedicated electric motor gracing each axle, the combined output is a staggering 590 horsepower and 549 lb.-ft. of torque. And with a unique feature at your fingertips, a simple touch can boost your torque to an awe-inspiring 605 lb.-ft.

Embrace this beautiful fusion of power, precision, and innovation with the BMW i5, and redefine your driving story.

What interior features does the BMW i5 have for comfort and convenience?

Step into the sanctuary of sophistication and innovation that is the BMW i5’s cabin, designed with an unwavering focus on comfort and convenience. Each detail of this BMW electric car has been meticulously curated to ensure an unparalleled driving and passenger experience.

The interior is characterized by BMW’s signature blend of luxurious materials and ergonomic design. The cabin embraces sustainable luxury with the use of recycled materials, striking a perfect balance between comfort and environmental consciousness.

State-of-the-art technology is elegantly embedded within the i5’s interior, exemplified by the latest iteration of BMW’s iDrive system. This intelligent infotainment system integrates navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings in an intuitive interface, seamlessly connecting you to your vehicle and the world around you.

The electric BMW further enhances convenience with its cutting-edge digital key feature. Forget conventional keys; with your smartphone, you can unlock a world of possibilities and embark on electrifying journeys.

Experience this commitment to comfort, luxury, and intuitive design with the BMW i5. Crafted to captivate, it redefines what a driving experience can be and propels you into the future of automotive luxury.

Can the BMW i5 be used for long-distance travel?

Absolutely, the BMW i5 is a shining example of how electric mobility and long-distance travel can harmoniously coexist. With an impressive range of up to 300 miles on a single charge, the i5 bridges the gap between daily commutes and long-haul adventures. Whether it’s an extended road trip or a cross-country journey, the i5 is ready to take you there.

It’s not just the range that makes the i5 a perfect companion for longer trips. This electric BMW is equipped with DC fast-charging capabilities, ensuring that pit stops for recharging are brief and efficient. You can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the open road.

Moreover, the i5 is the epitome of comfort, offering a luxurious cabin designed to make hours on the road feel effortless. The state-of-the-art infotainment system, intuitive controls, and plush seating ensure a pleasurable ride, no matter the distance.

Long-distance travel in an electric vehicle is no longer a vision of the future. With the BMW i5, it’s today’s reality. Enjoy the comfort of the journey and the thrill of the destination, all in unparalleled style and comfort with the BMW i5. Our BMW dealership can’t wait to welcome you to the future of long-distance travel.

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