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2015 BMW X3 Lease Near Hammond

Lease A New 2015 BMW X3 Near Hammond, IN


Are you itching to get into a vehicle that’s also an innovative, fuel efficient piece of technology?  At BMW of Schererville our finance experts are trained to find the perfect lease for you.  We do everything we can to make your agreement simple and easy.  By offering low competitive rates and flexible terms to best suit your financial plan, the 2015 BMW X3 lease near Hammond, IN, will be hard for you to resist.

The new X3 has been intelligently reconstructed with various high-tech materials, making it both lighter and stronger.  Added lightweight aluminum to the chassis, high-strength steel to the body and ultra-modern plastics and magnesium throughout the rest of the vehicle have made it a force to be reckoned with. 

This new vehicle is “eco-logical” as well.  With the specially designed Eco Pro mode, you can save up to 20 percent on total fuel consumption.  This isn’t good for just you and your wallet, it’s good for everyone. 

You can cut down on fuel consumption and emissions even more by using the brilliant Auto Start-Stop function.  This feature automatically shuts the engine off when the vehicle is idle such as when stopped at red lights or in traffic jams.  With no hassle, the engine automatically starts up again the moment the brake is released.


The intelligent technology doesn’t stop there.  For those who have a hard time slipping into parallel parking spots, the Parking Assistant feature will save you any embarrassment.  As you slowly pass by potential open spots, the advanced sensor system will measure them to make sure your vehicle will fit.  Once it locates one, simply put the X3 into reverse and the Park Assistant will take control of your wheel and automatically steer you into the empty spot.  At last, no more nicked-up bumpers with this stress-free device.

If the 2015 BMW X3 doesn’t turn out to be all that you thought it would be, no big deal.  At the end of your lease term, you can either trade it in for a different BMW under a new lease or simply turn in the keys and the X3 is yours no more.  But if it turns out to be everything you thought and more, you can either re-lease the same vehicle for another term at a reduced cost, buy it to own at an unbeatable price, or start a new lease with the X3’s newest model.  Whatever the situation may be when the time comes, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

Even if you don’t see a crash coming, your X3 will.  Through its camera based components, the X3 will recognize when you are drifting into neighboring lanes unintentionally and alert you of the situation.  The same technology is used to provide you Frontal Collision Warnings as well.

When you come in to BMW of Schererville to inquire about a 2015 BMW X3 lease near Hammond, IN, you’ll be working with a dedicated professional to find the best option for you.  More than half of BMW drivers choose to lease their vehicles due to our flexible and competitive program.  Stop in today and take the new 2015 BMW X3 out for a test drive.