2015 BMW X3 Finance Near Hammond

Finance A New 2015 BMW X3 near Hammond, IN


At BMW of Schererville, our cars are as innovative as we are.  By providing you with flexible terms, loan options and competitive prices, we can help you find the proper 2015 BMW X3 finance near Hammond, IN.  It’s the perfect blend of class and character that will help make your dream become a reality.

Unlike other dealerships, we have slashed all the red tape that makes it difficult to get a new car loan effectively.  In the same manner, BMW has slashed the unnecessary excess from the new 2015 X3 to make it a lighter, stronger and ultimately more efficient vehicle. 

The new lightweight and intelligent construction is produced of various high-tech materials including lightweight aluminum in the chassis, high-strength steel in the body, and ultra-modern plastics and magnesium throughout the rest of the vehicle.


The ultimate concept is an aerodynamic-enhancing design that raises the overall efficiency of the vehicle.  This has been achieved through innovative side mirrors and paneling that are aerodynamically optimized to lower the drag coefficient.  At the same time, the specially engineered Eco Pro Mode can help save you up to 20 percent of fuel while significantly reducing vehicle emissions.

When you’re ready to make your purchase, we will evaluate your current vehicle to determine its trade-in value.  This trade-in value can be applied towards the 2015 BMW X3 finance near Hammond, IN, to get its already competitive price further into your targeted range.  Our various incentive programs offered throughout the year also provide great opportunities to get you behind the wheel of a new BMW X3.

Save more gas, too, with the Auto Start-Stop function included in the 2015 X3.  When this function is turned on, it will automatically turn the engine off when the vehicle is not in motion, such as when you are stopped at traffic lights or stuck in traffic jams.  The engine will automatically and instantly start up again as soon as the brake is released, keeping you up to pace with traffic.

Don’t get yourself into a pickle trying to parallel park on a busy street.  At the touch of a button, the Parking Assistant feature will automatically search for and measure available spots large enough for your vehicle to fit into.  Once it locates one, simply drive past the spot and put your vehicle into reverse.  The Parking Assistant will then take full control of your steering wheel and maneuver you into the spot as you control the pedals with guidance from the Park Distance Control feature.

At BMW of Schererville, we want to get you into a new car with no hassle.  Our team will help you finance a new BMW, and you can apply for a car loan with our expert staff to get you into a new 2015 X3.


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