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2015 BMW X4 for Sale Near Orland Park, IL

On the Hunt for a New Car? Come in and Test Drive the 2015 BMW X4 Today.


The 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Orland Park, IL, is a show stopping example of power, performance, and passion. This model is styled as thoughtfully as it is built. This BMW wants to give you a stunning first impression and help you make a statement no matter where you drive.

If you want a car that will make you feel like racing, this is the car for you. Inspired by classic sports coupes, the BMW X4 has as unique an interior as it does mechanics under the hood. You’ll be resisting the temptation to take those S-curves by storm as soon as you sit in the driver’s seat.

Like in classic sports models, the front seats of the 2015 X4 are lower than the back seats by 0.8 inches. On top of that the entire BMW X4 is 1.5 inches lower than the X3. This gives this exclusive interior its sporty charm and help give the outside of the 2015 BMW X4 its athletic character.

Under the hood you’ll find even more features that will get you in the mood for racing. The 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Orland Park, IL,comes with a 2.0L, state of the art TwinPower Turbo Inline four-cylinder engine. This masterpiece features High Precision Direct Injection and Valvetronic Technology that delivers high-revving power. With the 240 horses you can get out of this engine, the 2015 X4 can go from 0-60 in six seconds flat.


If all that isn’t enough to quench your thirst for a sporty racing feel, the 2015 BMW X4 comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission with optional pedal shifters to manually shift between gears as you’d like. The X4 even helps to reduce fuel consumption at high speeds by shifting into the additional eight gear, which decreases the required engine speed to be more efficient.

You can’t control the weather or the road conditions, especially in Orland Park, IL. The BMW X4 has you covered with the xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system. This system will detect wheel slip and distribute power accordingly to help you maintain grip in any weather condition. The X4 also comes with Dynamic Stability Control to make sure that you are always going in the right direction.

Speaking of right direction, even a racer has to go into the city occasionally, even an unfamiliar one. The 2015 BMW X4 comes with BMW Navigation System with Advanced Real Time Traffic Information. This system will not only tell you how long it will take to get to your destination, but also find a different route if it thinks you will be late. Most importantly, this system offers a 3-D spaces feature so you can have a better understanding of where you are headed.

If you have been on the hunt for a unique vehicle, one that has power and performance, one that makes an impression, then the 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Orland Park, IL is the vehicle you’ve been looking for. Come into BMW of Schererville today for a test drive.