2015 BMW X4 for Sale Near Olympia Fields

The Perfect Combination of Power and Safety. Test Drive the BMW X4 Today.


You are a safe driver. You love the idea of having a BMW that will help you keep your family and passengers as safe as you do. But, let’s admit it, you’ve always wanted a sporty, fast car that is as much fun to drive as it is to look at. It is hard to find the perfect combination of safety and exhilaration – until now.

The 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Olympia Fields, IL is the perfect blend between safety and speed, safety and style, safety and convenience. This new Sports Coupe from BMW has been expertly designed and crafted to make a statement both externally, internally, and under the hood.


Safety is always at the top of a must have list when purchasing a new vehicle. The BMW X4 offers many of the most modern features on the market right now. For example, to help keep your eyes on the road and not constantly at the console display, the X4 comes with the Heads-Up Display that projects vital information onto the windshield, right in your line of sight. This information includes warnings, navigation instructions, and performance information.

The 2015 BMW X4 offers the Active Driving Assistant system which includes a variety of safety features that help you stay safe on the roads. This package includes: Blind Spot monitor so you are better able to see the cars around you. Frontal Collision Warning, where the X4 will tell you if it senses a possible frontal collision so you can stop the vehicle. Pedestrian Warning, to help keep others safe at intersections.

Sometimes it is hard to see around you when you are parked or parking, but the 2015 X4 offers Surround View that uses multiple cameras to help give you an idea of what is around you when reversing or parking.

The most important safety feature, the BMW Assist eCall™ system, which is now standard on all BMWs, is vital incase an accident does occur. This system will notify the police and EMTs of the accident, so you know help is on its way.

So now you know how safe the 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Olympia Fields, IL, is and now you want to know what makes this BMW so special. What differentiates it from the others? Could it be the elegant, but powerful exterior, crafted to make a statement? Could it be the classic sports coupe inspired interior that helps make the driving experience just that much more thrilling?

What sets aside this BMW Sports Coupe is what you can find under the hood. Giving you the ability to go from 0-60 mph in six seconds flat and 240 horsepower, paired with a smooth shifting eight-speed automatic transmission, is the 2.0L TwinPower Turbo Inline engine featuring High Precision Direct Injection and Valvetronic technology that gives you power and fuel efficiency.

Needless to say, this BMW is as much fun to drive as it is too look at. So, if you want that sporty car with all the safety features to keep your family safe, then look no further. This car will make you feel as though you are cruising around a racetrack and still give you the peace of mind that you want in a car.

Come check out the 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Olympia Fields, IL, at BMW of Schererville today. Schedule a test drive or drive one home tonight.