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2015 BMW X4 for Sale Near Gary, IN

Make a Bold Statement in the 2015 BMW X4. Come Test Drive One Today.


When you get into a new 2015 vehicle this year, what kind of statement do you want to make? Do you want to be quiet, boring, and forgetful, or do you want to be bold, exciting, and unforgettable? If you want to make the right statement this year, then you need to look at the 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Gary, IN.

This bold new BMW comes with an exclusive interior that takes sportiness to a new level. Though the 2015 BMW X4 isn’t a classic sports coupe, you won’t be able to tell the difference sitting behind the wheel. The driver and front passengers sit 0.8 inches lower to the ground than the rear seats and a whole 1.1 inches lower than in the X3 on top of the 1.5 inches lower than that X4 already is compared to the X3.

What good is the sporty styling’s and feel of a new BMW if it doesn’t have the drive behind the wheel. The 2015 X4 comes with a 240 horsepower, state-of-the-art Twinpower Turbo engine that features High Precision Direct Injection and Valvetronic technology. This means that you have high-revving power at your disposal and can jump from 0-60 in six seconds flat.

If you need a more “hands on” experience to feel in control of the speed, the 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Gary, IN offers an eight-speed sport STEPTRONIC automatic transmission with paddle shifters to manually change gears. This helps you decide how you want to drive.

The 2015 X4 isn’t just a sporty, fast vehicle, it is also a modern vehicle, taking advantage of the latest in entertainment and convenience technology. For example, do you need help finding the nearest gas station? How about a nice restaurant for a night out? By taking advantage of the BMW Concierge Services, at the push of a button you will be connected to an agent at the BMW Call Center who will find what you need and send the address directly to your Navigation System.


The BMW Navigation System comes with Advanced Real Time Traffic Information* that will update the traffic report as you drive, so you always make it to your destination on time. In case the roads are grossly backed up, the system will even suggest a new route to get you where you need to go. Another added feature is a split screen display that shows the map and a 3-D space, perfect if you are in an unfamiliar city.

The X4’s safety and security features offer a variety of driver assisting features to help you stay safe on the roads. The BMW Active Driving Assistant system consists of features including, by not limited to, Lane Departure warning, to tell you if you shift out of your lane, Frontal Collision Warning, to tell you if the vehicle senses a potential frontal collision, and Pedestrian Warning, to keep those not in vehicles safe as well.

Another advanced safety feature is the Head-up display. This feature keeps your eyes on the road while also relaying vital information about the performance of the vehicle or navigation. The Display is projected onto the windshield in the driver’s sight line, so you never have to look away.

If you want to make a statement with a new vehicle this year, then come see the 2015 BMW X4 for sale near Gary, IN. This bold, fast, unforgettable statement car will have you racing around in six seconds flat.

*ARTTI is only available in conjunction with ConnectedDrive Services and BMW navigation system.