2015 BMW 4 Series Convertible Finance near Chicago, IL


Finding all the right reasons to get that perfect vehicle can be difficult unless it speaks to you. BMW can easily speak to you with its soft interior or roaring performance that makes getting around not only more fun but easier as well. Not to mention that getting a 2015 BMW 4 Series Convertible Finance near Chicago, IL, also can give you plenty of advantages depending on your needs and you can enjoy this vehicle for a long time coming.

2015 BMW 4 Series Convertible Engines

This 4 Series Convertible can come with one of two different engines, each offering up different motives and efficiencies. There are also many other performance-based features as well, including a new lightweight construction, finely-tuned suspension, and specially-engineered drivetrain. The standard engine available is a 2.0L that can churn up to 247 hp and is complemented by an agile 8-speed automatic transmission. The 4 Series Convertible can also be equipped with a 300-hp V6, available on the 435i and above.

Getting around no matter the case is easy with BMW’s xDrive. This is just one of the many innovations the 2015 BMW 4 Series Convertible Finance near Chicago, IL, can come with. This is BMW’s version of an All-Wheel Drive system, which intelligently senses changes in road conditions and can give more power to the wheel that needs it most. Staying in control of the road ahead is always important.

Options for a 2015 BMW 4 Series Convertible Finance near Chicago, IL

When you want to finance a vehicle, BMW of Schererville offers a variety of flexible options. Once you fill out that paperwork it all starts to come together with advantages to make things easier. One of these advantages is allowing you to increase your credit if needed or keeping it at where you want it.

Having great credit opens up many doors for you in the long run, allowing for more options. This is just one of the many advantages you can get by financing a vehicle which allows for you to keep more money in the bank instead of shoveling out tons of money all at once.

There is no reason why this vehicle is not on the top of your list for dream cars. This convertible allows you to get a 2015 BMW 4 Series Convertible Finance near Chicago, IL, that comes with many other advantages. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a test drive in this incredible vehicle, call BMW of Schererville at 800-860-3545 or stop on in today. We are located just off of US Highway 41 in Schererville, IN. We proudly serve the surrounding areas as well including Gary, Crown Point, Hammond, and St. John.