2015 BMW 3 Series For Sale Near Hammond


For sale near Hammond at BMW of Schererville, the all-new 2015 BMW 3 Series both excites and tantalizes. With impressive convenience, safety features, and technology, the BMW 3 Series truly stands in a class all its own.

The first impressive feature is the the engine start/stop button. This stylish and efficient way to start your engine only needs you to insert the remote key into the ignition slot. After that, whenever you have the comfort access key and it comes in range of the BMW 3 Series, all you need to do is hit the start/stop button and your car electronically triggers the ignition process.

With advanced vehicle and key memory is a very convenient feature, wherein your individual key will automatically return some key cabin features to your personal setting. Every time you use your key to unlock the door, the 3 Series will adjust your side-mirrors and seating adjustments based on your key settings. 


You can also have the automatic climate control system set to your previous cabin temperature and air-flow settings. You get two keys to program, but can expand up to four if you wish. The automatic climate control includes a micro-filter, automatic air recirculation, left and right temperature control for the passengers and driver. This also includes temperature, radio and volume controls, and rear outlets for any backseat passengers, as well as a windshield misting sensor.

The BMW 3 Series also comes standard with a rear-view camera, allowing you to clearly see the area behind you. The rear-view camera also works in tandem with park distance control, which uses eight sensors to help judge how close you are to other vehicles and other unseen objects when you are parking.

The optional Xenon Adaptive headlights aren't just for show, as they're a major advancement in safety. These headlights follow the wheel's direction, meaning when you turn the wheel, the lights will also turn into your cornering maneuver. This lets you see more of the road, and sooner. The Xenon lights emit twice as much light as regular halogen headlights, but provide better clarity and actually use half as much energy as halogens.

In conjunction with BMW ConnectedDrive, BMW Assist eCallĀ® automatically sends your location and pertinent information to EMT and police services in the case of an emergency. To keep you even more connected to your vehicle is BMW TeleServices. You can connect to your preferred BMW service partner and they'll receive updates about how your vehicle is doing. With condition-based service, your BMW 3 Series knows when it's due for service, and your service partner gets the data and calls to arrange an appointment.

Thanks to technology, safety, and convenience all working together, the 2015 BMW 3 Series is a remarkable car and a remarkable price. For sale near Hammond at BMW of Schererville, come in and test drive a new 2015 BMW 3 Series right now.