Brake Flush Service

Image that reads 'Brake Flush' and has BMW Technician overlaid with monitoring device in hand

You’re a cautious driver. You get your brake pads and rotors replaced regularly. Did you know that keeping your brake system in tip-top condition requires more than that? A brake flush is often overlooked but is essential to the health of your brakes and maintaining safety for your passengers.

Just because you don’t seem to have a problem with your brakes doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem building. Your brakes are the most critical system to your car next to the engine itself. Let our BMW experts ensure they continue to work correctly and save you money down the road.

What happens during a routine brake flush?

First our expert BMW technicians drain the old hydraulic fluid. Next, they clean out your braking system to remove all debris and check for rusted braking components. The last step to this service is filling your system with fresh braking fluid. No more brake issues!

What are the three main problems solved by brake flushes?

  1. Heat – Braking generates heat which, over time, wears away your brake fluid
  2. Rust – The braking process leaves moisture behind, which can cause your brakes to rust
  3. Contamination – Particles of debris, rubber, and metal contaminate the brake fluid over time, causing reduced brake performance or failure

Not sure if you’re due for a brake flush? You can start by checking your owner’s manual or feel free to contact our service team at 219-864-3363, and we can answer any questions you have. Or, save some time and go ahead and schedule service today to gain peace of mind when it comes to your next commute!